20+ Best Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners (step by step)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Art”? Is it painting, music, dance, photography? No matter the answer, whatever at least art is something very beautiful, and something that can free the body and calm the mind and soul.

let’s call the art that exists in the universe and its surroundings, which presents the everyday scene in a beautiful and subtle way that we tend to ignore. we are usually negligent to approach convincing artistic endeavors that we do not have the skills and capacity to appear in a vague domain, but the truth is that art is intended to be experienced by everyone, professional or not.


As a beginner in the field of art, and in the field of canvas painting in particular, because this is the topic we are discussing today, you must understand that each subject has rules and techniques that apply and that you must understand and learn to achieve the best results.

After dealing with the technical aspects of canvas painting, artistic taste and imagination and special taste can take over in determining your style and expressing your thoughts. So what is canvas painting and how can we translate it into a more “domestic” approach? Well, people can explain it as simply as placing some paint on a blank canvas.


The first step when starting a canvas painting project is to buy a blank canvas and paint and for the background and first layer of paint. Many people try to use colored or colored soil techniques, which basically consist of making a layer of previous paint to use as your base for the next creation. The overall aspect is one of the professional parts.

Furthermore, coloring will facilitate the painting process and give you more precision and speed. You deal with two choices here: the first consists of a blurred finish while the second is a transparent stain called Imprimatura. For ground floor colors like ocher or many yellow is the best choice for the landscape and for building your layers from there. Work with white to get the tone you want.


We are here near the beginner level, the reason why acrylic paint represents the optimal choice for your first canvas painting. because it is very easy to handle, it can be diluted to get the right consistency and mixed for unconventional colors. Then, when you get more experience, you can switch to oil paintings that represent a completely different challenge.

“Acrylic paint is a quick dry paint containing suspension pigments in acrylic polymer emulsions. Acrylic paint dissolves in water, but becomes waterproof when dry. Depending on how much paint is diluted with water, or modified with gel, media, or acrylic paste, finished acrylic paintings can resemble watercolors or oil paintings, or have their own unique characteristics that cannot be achieved with other media. ”

here is a list of various Easy Canvas Paintings, which involve different techniques used to obtain interesting effects on the canvas, take a quick look and choose the path you want to follow.

1. Feminine Canvas Painting With A Touch Of Gold

2.Using Unconventional Materials To Realize Your Easy Canvas Paintings

Easy Canvas Paintings

3. Start Canvas Painting By Learning To Paint A Daisy

Canvas Painting

4. Have Fun With Yarn

5. Emerge Into The World Of Abstract Canvas Painting

6. Follow Simple Step By Step Tutorials

7. Use Multiple Materials To Create Canvas Art

8. Master Flower Painting Techniques

9. Create Delicate Depictions In Pastel Hues

10. Use Mundane Materials As Your Painting Instruments

11. Have Fun With Pop Art

12. Use Gold Foil To Master Color Transitions

13. Have Fun With Your Toddler And Canvas Painting

14. Let Melted Crayons Create Your Canvas Story

15. Allow Your Little Ones To Have Fun With Balloon Canvas Painting

16. Use Colorful Dots To Depict Your Creation

17. You Can Create Patterns By Using Tape As Guidelines

18. Make A Splash In The Process Of Canvas Painting

Have you ever considered taking a canvas painting? Don’t hesitate to express your ideas and show creations to social media

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